Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Not Seeking Reelection in 2020

All 435 House seats will be contested in 2020, as they are every two years. The following table reflects current incumbents that have announced they will not seek another term.

Vacancies and Special Elections

There are three vacancies in the House: 

  • NC-3 Republican Walter Jones passed away in February. Special election is set September 10; the GOP nominee will be determined in a runoff primary on July 9.
  • NC-9 This seat has been vacant during the 116th congress as the midterm election results were thrown out due to election fraud. Special election is set for September 10 or November 5. The latter date will be used if a runoff is required after the May 14 primary.
  • PA-12 This seat was held by Republican Tom Marino, who resigned in January. Special election is May 21.