New Features on 270toWin

Here are some of the most recent updates on the site along with a chronology of feature changes in recent years. To keep up with the latest site information, please follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. Keep up with the latest political news here.


  • June 4: Democratic delegate estimates based on state polls: Select a state. A fully interactive calculator to follow later this year.
  • June 3: Looking ahead to redistricting after 2020 Census, added legislature party control interactive maps for State Senate and State House
  • February 18: The Road to 270 winning combinations calculator is available. It is below the 2020 electoral map


  • December 19: 2020 Census will lead to an updated 2024 electoral map. Check out the projected changes -- the map is interactive
  • October 9: Latest Senate polls, all on a single page
  • September 24: A table view is now available for the House Interactive Map
  • August 8: Tilt ratings option and color chooser now available for all 2018 interactive maps: Senate, House, Governor


  • December 20: New census figures released; updating the projected 2024 electoral map
  • November 17: Updated the governor interactive map to reflect the results of the two 2017 elections. 36 seats to be contested in 2018.
  • November 1: Upgraded Elected Officials Lookup incorporating address autocomplete. Added legislator address, phone number and social media accounts
  • July 19: A one-page look at how each state has voted since 1900
  • March 15: There are 2 gubernatorial elections in 2017, 36 in 2018. Create your forecast with the governor interactive map
  • February 25: Can Democrats retake the House in 2018? Create your forecast with the House interactive map


  • December 19: Follow along live as we fill in a map as the Electors vote (now redirects to 2016 historical map) 
  • May 30: The simulator returns for 2016. New features include the ability to run the simulation based on actual poll closing times
  • April 5: Will any Republican reach 1,237 delegates to win the nomination before the convention? Game it out with this interactive calculator.
  • March 18: Candidate delegate maps show placement, delegates in each primary/caucus and % of remaining delegates needed to secure nomination. 
  • February 26: Margin of victory maps are back! See how competitive each state was for each election since 1972.
  • February 1: Primary and caucus season is underway. Follow along with our delegate maps, which let you filter based on time, contest type and allocation method; select any state on the map to see the polls and additional info.
  • January 11: A redesigned Senate interactive map lets you look at the current Senate, create and share a 2016 forecast and see the composition of the 2017 Senate based on that prediction.


  • December 3: Trump in the 2016 general election, either as Republican or independent could create a chaotic electoral map. Use this 3rd party map to create scenarios where more than two parties receive electoral votes.
  • October 6: We've upgraded the 2016 interactive map to support 7 different ratings colors, up from 3. Create more granular 2016 election forecasts, including colors for safe, likely and leaning states. Choose the 'Map Options' gear icon below the map.
  • October 6: See the 2016 election calendar, including dates for primary and caucus events, the conventions and debates.
  • September 16: The historical timeline (maps via drop-down menu) have returned. See all elections on a single page; link to detail & interactive maps.
  • July 23: The updated interactive presidential map is live. Use the link above the map for information on features as well as why we made the change.
  • July 15: The Republican nomination will be decided via state primaries and caucuses, not nationally. See who's leading the polls in each state.


  • December 10: The 2015 Senate Map is live. Use it to see the Senators in each state, when their term is up and early race ratings for 2016 Senate elections.
  • November 3: Follow along as update the called Senate, House & Governor maps live on election night. As the map is filled in, a table will continuously project the final seats and party control based on results plus pundit forecasts.
  • September 8: Added Senate Race Ratings; summarizing the professional pundit ratings for each of the 36 Senate races. Includes forecasts of Larry Sabato, Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg.
  • August 5: Launched 2014 Senate Simulator, which lets you modify the ratings for each race  to help you forecast who will control the Senate after the 2014 election.
  • June 10: Added poll pages for Senate, House & Governor 2014 elections.  Also, updated header menu to organize by electoral entity.
  • May 2: Released version 1.4 of iPad App.  Enhancements include updates through 2012 election, ability to create specific 2016 matchups and higher res graphics.
  • March 20: Launched new site Elections This Year with content and interactive maps related to Congressional midterm and gubernatorial elections.


  • November 5:  Click or tap this geolocation link to see elected officials for your current location.
  • October 4: A Clinton vs. Christie electoral map based on very early 2016 polling. 
  • July 25: Already looking ahead to 2016? Add this countdown clock to your website or blog. 
  • July 2: Locate your members of Congress as well as your state legislators with this new Elected Officials Lookup. Feature includes a map that shows the majority party and total count of various legislative bodies in each state.  
  • May 22: Who will control Congress? Interactive map for 2014 House Election is now available.  Includes FIND feature.
  • May 9:  Who will control the Senate? Interactive map for 2014 Senate Election is now available.
  • April 19, 2013: There will be new nominees for both parties in 2016.  You can now create and share maps with candidate-specific 2016 matchups.  
  • March 12: Don't like the results? Change the rules! Explore alternative electoral college allocation methods with our interactive Gaming the Electoral College feature.


  • November 2: Introducing Battleground 270. Here you can adjust the probability that Obama or Romney will win each battleground state to see how it impacts the likely range of outcomes for the election.
  • October 24: A close election is looking likely. Use the new Tie Finder to map out the ways neither candidate gets to 270 electoral votes.
  • October 15: Updated the 270toWin iPad App. The 2012 projection maps are more current, and will stay current with new over the air updating functionality. You can also see and filter polls for each state without exiting the App.
  • September 22: An Early Voting Map has been added. See the dates for early voting in each state. Includes the start date for absentee balloting as well as the period for an in-person early voting.
  • September 7: The 2012 House Elections Map has been added, reflecting new Districts created by redistricting. Use this map to forecast which party will control the House in the 113th Congress that begins January, 2013.
  • August 31: We've added Election Widgets for America's Electoral Map, the Simulator and the Polling Map. Add these to your website or blog.
  • August 22: The 2012 Senate Map has been updated to allow for the selection of an unaffiliated Independent candidate (Angus King) in Maine. You can now forecast the 2013 Senate with a King victory, and see how it would look prior to his choosing a party caucus. Depending on the other 32 Senate races turn out, King could quickly become one of the biggest power brokers in DC.
  • August 7: The America's Electoral Map Contest was launched, with $2,000 in prizes. The object of the contest is to create an aggregate electoral map - America's Electoral Map - that will attempt to predict the 2012 election outcome. We'll find out in November whether the 'wisdom of the crowd' leads to an accurate forecast. When viewing the map, hover your mouse pointer to see a variety of statistics; click a state to see daily trends.
  • July 11: The Road to 270 was enhanced. This feature calculates and displays the critical paths to 270 for Obama and Romney based on your map. It will also calculate all tie scenarios. 
  • May 1: The simulator was relaunched for 2012. This tool lets you run a simulated election in about 15 seconds.   The inputs are based on polling averages. Every night we run 10,000 simulations and post the results. To see results by day since May 1, visit the new daily simulator trends page.
  • Spring: A new 2012 election polls section was introduced. Visit the preceding link to see the latest poll for each state where a poll is available. Sort by date, state, competitiveness, Obama percentage of the vote or Romney percentage of the vote.   From here there are links to visit each state history page or all the polls for a certain state. On those pages (e.g., Wisconsin), there's the ability to filter by pollster(s). The Obama vs. Romney polling map is also available. 
  • Spring: The Electoral College Quiz was redesigned. Also,we've got an under-used electon trivia feature on the site that we call 270toWin Answers. Want to know that the last Republican to win while losing both Colorado and Nevada was Taft in 1908?Here's the place to find out.
  • Finally, for those that want to put the election in their hands, the 270toWin iPad app is now just 99 cents.   
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